What comes around goes around: Don’t be a coupon fiend.

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of scanned coupons sent to me by friends and family via email. The latest example is a whole sheet of free Iced Lattes at McDonalds, which I doubt was intended by McDonalds that way (it was probably just a single coupon in a newspaper that was scanned and then duplicated to fill up a whole page). A certain someone I know has gone through MULTIPLE pages of these coupons, clearly taking things too far.

When businesses give stuff away, one should never doubt that it’s intended as an investment to make a greater amount back down the road. If someone just takes advantage of the intended offer and decide not to do business with them in the future, so be it, that’s the cost of doing business. But blatant disregard for the company’s well-being like in the example above… well, what comes around goes around.

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