Evil is what happens when good is lacking.

I used to think of good vs evil as two forces fighting each other, as seems to be the common portrayal. In a wonderful moment of science-meets-religion, I began to see it another way. A common analogy for good vs evil is light vs darkness, yet, “darkness” isn’t a “thing” per se, it is the lack of something… in this case, light. In the same way, cold doesn’t fight against heat, it is merely the result of the lack of heat, and the colder it is, the less heat energy there is.

So, back to the understanding of evil. “Sins of omission” come into a new (pardon the pun) light. If evil is the inherent result of the lack of good, then even withholding good is a sign we are starting to step away from the light source and into the darkness.  I now know understand why the Bible says “pray without ceasing”, as not having constant communion with the source of good/”light” will simply result in a more evil/”dark” state.

This understanding also clears God of any accusations of “Why did God even create evil?”, because He didn’t… evil is simply the result of not being in His light.

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